JC-EPE-LQ2000 Easy-operating Vertical Cutting Machine for EPE Foam Sheet/Film

JC-EPE-LQ2000 EPE Foam Sheet Vertical Cutting Machine The Vertical Cutting Machine is mainly used for cutting EPE, Al foil, paper and nonwoven materials. Model: JC-EPE-LQ2000 Fob price: USD3500/SET 1. Machine use JC model for EPE foam vertical cutting machine (it’s also named vertical cutting...

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JC-EPE-LQ2000 EPE Foam Sheet Vertical Cutting Machine

The Vertical Cutting Machine is mainly used for cutting EPE, Al foil, paper and nonwoven materials. 

Model: JC-EPE-LQ2000

Fob price: USD3500/SET

1. Machine use

JC model for EPE foam vertical cutting machine (it’s also named vertical cutting machine), which is used in cutting and slicing of the whole or large sheet of soft foam (EPE sheet and sponge sheet etc.).

2. Main tech spec.

-Min. slice thickness: 3 mm

-Knife spec.: 0.45*30*7500 mm

-Knife velocity: 7.6 m/min

-Electric knife drive: 1 set

Power: 2.2 kw

Rotational speed: 1400 r/min

-Grinding wheel electric motor: 2 sets

Power: 0.18 kw

Rotational speed: 28 r/min

-Overall size: 2500*2300*1600 mm

-Machine weight: 800 kg

3. Structure and Use

The machine is composed of the major components, which are machine framework, lead rail, worktable, knife diving unit, knife rises the tight unit and mill knife grinding wheel unit.

The machine framework is composed of welding combining the groove steel. There are 1 set active round of the knife and 3 sets passive round of the knife, which are 4 sets altogether on the machine framework. The mill knife grinding wheel motor is also fixed on the machine framework, the revolving button of grinding wheel motor can adjust grinding wheel route or distance of travel. That the 2 sides of the fixed plate is each a long hole, the long hole can adjust the mill knife angle. Every protecting caps are installed on the machine framework, the caps can be flexible opened.

The lead rail is composed of 3 elevator rail and 4 inclined strut, which are all installed on the machine framework. At 2 sides of the guide rail frame there is each a buffer device, and the guide rail frame is supported by two outrigger. The worktable is composed of 2 angle steel framework and splint, in the middle is connected by hinge, it can loosen connecting pin when changing the knives. There is each a rack in the right area of 2 sides, it can move the localization board to adjust the different cutting specification, according to hand wheel, drive shaft and gear. The worktable reciprocating movement is moved by operator’s hand pushing.

Each rotation, moving parts can regularly lubricate as the actual using condition.

4.Machinery moving and installation

The machine is split into frame work, worltable and lead rail of spare parts when moving, and to re-install in factory. The lead rail should be installed on the frame work, to inspect and adjust the level in length and breadth by fill in water in about ¢8mm transparent plastic pipe (should be excluded from the air). If not levelness, after adjusting the quantity of gasket at the place of groud, the supporting of frame work and lead rail, then using M10*110 screw and hold-down plate to tightening, at last,  connecting to power. If the knife is not sharp, first of all to wear to sharp knife. We suggest users make the supporting of frame work which connects to ground fixed by cement, and to connect with groud line.

5.Installation guide

1. Frame work should be installed at correct position, and leave the necessary room for maneuver.

2. Install two lead rail, they should be maintained parallel with each other, vertical with grounding framework.

3. Under the lead rail, connecting the supporting. And on the groud, the supporting lead rail should be maintained levelness.

4. Put the worktable on lead rail, and keep in moving flexibility.

5. Put the transmission wheel on knife, and tighten the tension wheel, moderate tensioning force to avoid the knife to be apart, then connecting with worktable.

6. Check the knife with worktable during the campaign whether or not to interfere.

7. There are rotary cutter devices from top to bottom in the worltable, good space-conditioning, avoid the knife of larger deviation, make it steady during working.

8. Adjust the verticality of the baffle, keep it parallel with the knife, uniform space, fix locking screw.

9. Power switch box installed at one side of worktable.

10. Manual turning laps with a knife, to check whether the turning is out of way.

11. Connect the power cord, please note the direction of rotation with a knife should be right.

6.Manual guide

1. The machine can be operated both at the same time, supported the sheet with hand by the two sides standing. The operators should move the worktable to cut the sheet of ordered.

2. Adjust the distance of the baffle and the knife, should be different sizes.

3. Theres are two harpening motors under the worktable, turn to make sparks inside, grinding wheel can be moved manually handle the end.

4. Note safety during working, to avoid being injured because of wrong operation.

5. Note the marking of machine during daily work, make daily maintaining, keep machine clean at any time.

6. Production safely. Forbid nonrelated staff to operate the machine, to avoid damage the machine.


All spare parts keeps warranty for one year.

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