JC-EPE-HS240 High Quality High Output Expandable Hot-sale EPE FOAM Recycling Machine

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Quotation of JC-EPE-HS240 Recycling Machine

No.:JC20161215-06                                                     Date: Dec.15th,2016


Add: Shiyang 3rd Road, Qinggang Industrial Zone, Bishan County, Chongqing, China.

Tel: 0086-23-41781538   Fax: 0086-23-41781538

Seller’s Bank details as follow:

Account No: 5001 4270 2002 2906 0018


Beneficiary Bank : China Construction Bank Chongqing Bishan Branch

Address: No. 45,Xiangyang Street,Bicheng Town, Bishan County.Chongqing, P.R.C. 


Add. 8F,DOWON B/D,64, Sajik-Ro Dongnae-Gu,Busan,Korea

Tel:+82-51-502-7117 Fax.+84-51-505-1982

( Instllation machinery at K-PE company  in vietnam)

1. Main parts as following:

Steel rack structure  1 set

Crush unit  1 set

Squeezing unit  1 set

Squeezing feeding unit  1 set

Auto control unit  1 set

Cutting machine control unit  1 set

Mold (flat)unit  1 set

Cooling unit  1 set

2.  Main design data

Screw Diameter: 210/140mm

Screw L/D: 18:1

Screw Structure: the screw in difference diameter ,in pitch-varying deepening,and pin type.

Rotate speed of Screw (r. p. m) :20—160

Output: 100-160kg/hr

Main motor power (KW): 30KW

Total power of Heater: 12KW

Pelletizing Knife motor power: 3KW

Power capacity: 30KW

Water Sink: 0.45m×3.6m

Applied material: EPE leftover material LDPE

Squeezing Capacity: 100--160kg/hr          

Hauling speed: 300-400r/min

Specification of power: three phases 380/440V×50/60HZ

3. Demand of public project

Electric power: about 50KW

4.  Power of pelletizing machine: 3KW

5.  Installation size: around 8000*600*1200mm

6. Specification of each part.

A. Feeding Mouth: 240×600mm

B. squeezing unit:1 set

a) Deceleration box: 200-12.5:1

--(model):Helical gear without pole

-- (material): forgeable iron

-- (box body): FC20

-- (gear wheel): hard teeth( by special polishing and heating)

-- (motor): 15KW AC (electromagnetic timing 0 to 1500 turns/min)

b) Barrel and Screw

- (diameter):¢240mm 

- (material):38chromium alloy steel, nitrogenized

- (heating zone):4 set

-(heating method):aluminum heater & belt heater

C. Mould 


-heating area: 1 set

D. water sink’s specification:600×2400×400mm

E. Pelletizing part: 3KW electromagnetic timing.

7.  Spare parts list

*Heating panel: 2 pieces

*Thermocouple, 2 pieces

*Heater: 1 set

*Die head heating ring: 1 piece

*Tool box: 1 set

*Hexagonal socket: 1 set

*Flexible wrench: 1 set

*Fixed wrench: 1 set

8. Warranty

All spare parts keep warranty for one year.

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