JC-EPE-HS200 High Quality High Output Effective Hot-sale EPE FOAM Recycling Machine

Product Details

JC-EPE-HS200 recycling machine

Model: JC-EPE-HS200

CIF HCMC: US$16,000/SET 

1.List of major equipment

steel rack structure: 1set

squeezing unit: 2 sets

feeding unit: 1set

main engine control unit: 1set

cut granule control unit: 1set

mold-head: 1set

hauling machine: 1set

2.Major design data

screw diameter: φ200mm

screw L/D ratio: 18:1(L/D)

structure of screw: the cone in difference diameter

main screw rotate speed (r.p.m): 150

max. capacity: 250kg/hr

power of main electric machine: 70kw

power of pelletizing knife electric machine: 3kw

total capacity of electric: 75kw


used material: big waste LDPE 

capacity of squeezing engine: about 220-260kg/hr

hauling speed: 2-80m/min

specification of power: 3 phases

3.Demands of Public Project

electric power: about 70 kw

cooling water: 0.5m³/hr

4. Pelletizing machine

power: 3kw

5. Installation dimension: 8000×600×1200mm

6. Specifications of each part

A. steel rack structure: 1set

B. squeezing unit: 1set

deceleration box: 280     

model: helical gear without pole

material: forgeable iron

box body: FC20

gear wheel: hard gear(special polishing and heating)

motor:12kw,electromagnetism timing 0-1500 rpm

spiral tube and stick: diameter: ¢220mm

material: 38CrMoAlA, alloy steel , nitrogenized

heating area: 6 sets

heating method: aluminum heater & belt heater

C. specification of mould:  400×450mm

heating area: 1 set

D. specification of water cooling groove: 3000×600×400mm

E. pelletizing part: 3kw, electromagnetism timing

7.List of spare parts

heating panel: 2 pcs

thermocouple: 2 sets

heater: 1set

heating loop: 1 pcs

tool box: 1set

hexagonal socket: 1set

monkey wrench: 1set

fixed wrench: 1set


All spare parts keep warranty for one year.

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