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What Is EPE Foam Machine

Jan 06, 2017

EPE foam machine is mainly used in the production of EPE sheet, LDPE resins melt mixing with butane gas, talc, shrink-resistant agent and other agents through the extruder, and part of the foamed in die and mould lips, and after the calibration ring with fixed sheet size, final product by charging roller coiling.

EPE also known as EPE Pearl cotton, it is made of low density polyethylene resin foam produced numerous independent bubbles. Overcome the ordinary styrofoam fragile, deformed, reply to the disadvantage of poor. Is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Widely used in electronics, instrumentation, computer, audio, medical equipment, industrial chassis, metal lamps, crafts, glass, pottery, electrical household appliances, spraying, furniture, furniture, wine and resin and other high-end fragile gift packaging, hardware, toys, fruits, leather package, daily necessities and other product packaging. After adding color anti-static and flame retardant agent, effective way to eliminate static electricity and fuel.