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Use Of EPE

Jan 06, 2017

EPE is widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, instruments, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial chassis, lighting, artwork, glass, pottery, electrical household appliances, spraying, furniture, liquor and gift packaging, hardware product, toy, fruit, shoes, packaging, daily necessities and other products in the package. After the addition of anti-static and flame retardant agent, even more of their excellent performance.

EPE Pearl Cotton Elastic lining was also used extensively for handbags luggage, sound insulation, thermal insulation of industrial production, agricultural insulation floating equipment, aquaculture, sporting a protective, water work on life-saving equipment, home, decoration, the hotel floor liners, and more. Its widely used in air conditioners, baby furniture, children's toys, and other industries.

EPE and fabric adhesive products are a variety of vehicles and room good interior decoration material. EPE and aluminum or composite products of aluminum thin film has excellent anti-IR UV, some camping equipment and chemical equipment, cold storage alternatives to car sun visor.

EPE (electronic product engineering) in electronics engineering is in the electronics industry, responsible for new product of the new professional.