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Transmission Parts

Jan 06, 2017

Transmission part is usually composed of motor, gear box and bearings and other components. In the extrusion process, screw speed must be stabilized, not with the screw load changes, so that we can maintain the quality of products derived from uniform. But in different situations require screws to speed, in order to achieve a different devices can be extruded plastics or the requirements of different products. Therefore, this section commonly used AC commutator motors, DC motors and other devices to achieve the stepless, screw speed 10~100 r/min.

Transmission system is driven screw, supplied screw Torque and speed required in the extrusion process, usually consists of the motor, gearbox and bearings and other components. In the structure are basically the same premise, gearbox manufacturing cost is proportional to the approximate size and weight. Because of gear shape and weight, mean consumption of manufactured materials, the bearings are also used by larger increases in manufacturing costs.

Likewise the extruder screw diameter, high speed and high efficiency extrusion machine consumes more energy than conventional extruder, motor power increased 1 time, gear reducer size increase is necessary. But high screw speeds, means that low reduction ratios. The same size reducer, low reduction ratios compared with large reduction ratio, gear modulus increases reducer's ability to withstand load increases. Reducer of weight increases, not with the motor power increases linearly proportional to. If output does the denominator, divide weight reducer, numerous small high performance extruder, beyond the common extrusion machine. In terms of yield, high speed and high efficiency extruder motor power and reduction of weight, mean machine of high speed and high efficiency extruder unit of output costs lower than common extrusion machine.