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The Working Principle Of Screw-type Extruder

Jan 06, 2017

Working mechanism of screw-type extruder is to rely on Rotary screw the pressure and shear forces, allows the material to fully plasticized and mixing by die molding; sometimes use an extrusion machine to finish mixed, plastic molding and other techniques, to continuous production. In addition the work mechanism of plunger-type extruder depends mainly on using the plunger pressure finished prior first plasticized material from the die out of achieved results. Material tube within of material in extrusion finished zhihou column plug will returned, until added new a round plastic of material Hou again then for Xia a round of operation, this production process belongs to not continuous production, and on material Basic cannot for full mixing and mixed, also this production also needed for advance plastic of, so in actual production for in the usually not often selection this method, only can applies Yu liquidity very poor or is viscosity very big of plastic, on like nitrocellulose plastic this plastic products of forming processing.

Plastic extruder can be classified as a twin screw extruder, single screw extruder and rare multi screw extruders, as well as non-screw extruder.