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Jan 06, 2017

Screw extruder is the heart, is the key component of extruder screw performance, determines the productivity of an extruder, plastic quality, adding dispersion, melt temperature, power consumption, etc. Are the most important parts of extruder, it can directly affect the application range of extruders and production efficiency. EP generated by the rotation of the screw on the plastic, plastic in the barrel can only moved, booster and gets some of the heat from friction, plastic in the barrel moves during mixing and plasticization, viscous flow when melt is extruded through the die, forming the shape required. As with the barrel and screw with high strength, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloys.

Due to the many different types of plastics, their properties are also varied. In practice, therefore, in order to meet the needs of different plastics processing, the required screw type, also differ in structure. In order to maximize the maximum efficiency of the plastic transport, extrusion, mixing and plasticization effect. For some of the more common screw.

Basic parameters of screw characteristics include the following: diameter, length-diameter ratio and compression ratio, pitch, channel depth, Helix angle, screw and cylinder gap.