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Principle Of Single Screw Extruder

Jan 06, 2017

Single screw on the effective length is divided into three sections, determined according to the screw diameter pitch screw depth three effective lengths, generally broken down by each one-third.

Last thread began to call transportation section: material here should not be plasticized, but to warm up, squeezed fruit, past old extrusion theory is that this material is loose, then by showing that the material here is actually a solid plug, meaning that extrusion is a solid material like a plug, so as long as the complete conveying tasks is its function.

Compression section in the second paragraph, channel volume becomes smaller at this time and temperature to achieve the degree of material, compressed by the conveying section three, here into one, called screw compression ratio--3:1, and some machines have changed, complete plastic raw material enters the third paragraph.

Metering section of the third paragraph is here keep the plasticization temperature of material, just as accurately as the metering pump, quantitative transmission melt material to supply the nose, temperature should not be below the plasticizing temperature, usually slightly higher.