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Laminating Machine Very Good Environmental Protection

Aug 11, 2017

Laminating Machine is two or more layers of material with adhesive bonding in a piece. Such as thin film and cloth fiber or glass cloth is often used. And paper, film, sponge, fabric and other complex. Often used in the day of mechanical complex machine.

Broadly defined (English: Laminator or Laminating Machine) is the use of two or more layers of the same or different materials such as cloth and cloth cloth and paper and artificial leather and various plastic and rubber sheet heating them Dissolved, semi-dissolved state or with a special adhesive composite as one of the machinery.

 Laminating Machinery industry standard drafting unit, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department identified as the provincial high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Hong industry machinery has decades of experience in the complex machine manufacturing.

      In fact, in many countries, dry complex machine is already the mainstream of leather. The same price, dry compound machine than the flame complex machine, the machine size as much as 1 times, possession of office space is more narrow, more savings of the body supplies, performance is more outstanding, more complete function, while significant savings Energy consumption, cost investment and post-maintenance also save a lot.

There are a lot of consumers choose a flame retardant sponge as a Laminating Machine bonding material, then use it with what kind of advantage? Use this adhesive material is no longer need to use glue. It is the use of flame spray to produce high temperature melting This method is very suitable for plush, deerskin, sponge, leather and non-woven fabrics, etc.

This kind of bonding method can be very good to ensure that the finished product feel, and it will not cause damage due to washing problems, there is a very good environmental protection.Many consumers choose this kind of bonding method is to ensure that the finished product And the use of flame retardant sponge as a bonding raw materials, easy to fall off the complex machine how to avoid consumption and the advantages of flame retardant sponge bonding

It is possible to ensure that the service life of the finished product is ensured by the experts in the production line of the sheet folding machine,Laminating Machine which also gives a lot of help to the cleaning of these finished products, so the flame retardant sponge is a very high quality compound Machine bonding raw materials.

Equipment for composite production operations is required to help in many plants and production, but the daily use is always unavoidable for consumption and damage. If there is protection and maintenance, steps and methods,

In the manual on the introduction is not much.For the introduction of the complex machine and the protection of attention, there is a detailed overview of some of the details of the attention,Laminating Machine I hope you do not ignore. No matter what type of complex machine, to avoid the key to consumption, and Daily work has a close contact, to strictly control the operating time, as well as the weight of the run to bear.

Damage to the complex machine is very serious, if not correct their correct understanding and operation, you will find damaged equipment,Laminating Machine always can not be avoided will be digging machine company to tell you, according to the standard steps to operate, for maintenance And maintenance, to be carried out periodically, stored in a clean and dry place.