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Laminating Machine Improve The Fit Flatness, Improve Product Adhesion

Jul 24, 2017

What is the Laminating Machine? Laminating Machine is two or more layers of material with adhesive bonding in a piece. Such as thin film and cloth fiber or glass cloth is often used. And paper, film, sponge, fabric and other complex. The following is more about the complex machine.

Generally speaking, the compound machine refers to a kind of compound equipment in home textile, garment, furniture, automobile interior and other related industries. It is mainly used for all kinds of fabrics, leather, film, paper and sponge. Process. The plastic compound is divided into plastic glue, PU oil glue, hot melt adhesive, etc., non-adhesive composite process for the material directly between the hot-pressing adhesive or flame burning compound. At present, the complex national standard has been implemented.

Type of compound machine:

Double glue type

Uses: This machine is suitable for fabric, non-woven fabrics, sponge and other fabrics on the surface of plastic composite.

Features: The use of double pulp tank, two layers of fabric at the same time glue, improve the adhesion fastness.

Plastic dot transfer type

Uses: This machine is suitable for textiles, non-woven fabrics, breathable film and other fabrics between the composite.

Features: The use of plastic point transfer and spray glue method will be evenly transferred to the cloth on the cloth, or film, and then with the cloth to compound.

Flame type

Uses: for sponge and other textiles and non-woven products of the composite.

Features: used in flame retardant sponge for bonding raw materials, without glue. After the flame spray to melt the adhesive, especially for plush, deerskin paste, with environmental protection, feel good, washable and so on.

Mesh belt type

Uses: This machine for sponge, cloth, EVA, leather and non-woven fabrics such as plastic. Using high-temperature mesh belt pressing, improve the fit smoothness, improve product adhesion, while less land. The machine adopts synchronous control of frequency conversion to realize the work of compound main drying drum and compound winding, and it is more convenient to use.

Equipment characteristics

1, you can give two layers of material at the same time glue on the paste, the compound fastness better. Can also be used to three layers of thin material one-time glue on the paste, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

2, double plastic slot with a Laminating Machine using glue as a binder, and with high temperature mesh with a pressure, so that the composite material and dryer full contact to improve the drying effect, so that after processing the material soft, washed, fastness it is good.

3, the machine with a network of automatic infrared adjustment device, can effectively prevent the network belt deviation, to extend the life of the belt.

4, the machine's heating system is divided into two groups, the user can choose according to the need for heating (one or two groups), can effectively save energy and reduce production costs.

5, the customer can be selected according to the needs of DC motor or inverter linkage, so that the machine has a better handling.


1. Application in the cast film, breathable film and non-woven fabrics and other materials on the paste. Applicable to baby diapers, medical protective clothing,Laminating Machine  food desiccant bags and other industries products

2. Application of non-woven materials such as rubber compound (paste) and cutting processing. Applicable to home air purifier, car air purifier, air conditioning, refrigerator and other matching filter processing.