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Laminating Machine Factors Of Stability

Oct 10, 2017

1. Influence of coating clearance on the amount of coating

The effect of coating clearance on the coating amount of the solvent-free composite machine is very obvious, and the solvent-free composite machine varies with the different coating gap; generally can be divided into: metering roller, transfer steel roller material affected by temperature factors, coating roller itself mechanical (bearing clearance) gap factors; measuring roller itself mechanical (bearing gap) clearance factor The factor of the stability of the measuring roller by mechanical vibration, in short, such problems are difficult to find, is a soft problem.

2. Effect of temperature on coating quantity

No solvent laminating machine used glue, affected by the temperature is very large, with no solvent compound glue temperature, the glue fluidity, glue viscosity will have a great change; at the same time, the temperature of the glue will be on the metering roller, coating roller contraction of the phenomenon, the final effect of coating gap.

3. Effect of transfer cots on the amount of coating

The hardness, coaxial degree and smoothness of the transfer cots affect the coating quantity directly, and the corrosion resistance of the transfer cots directly affects the coating quantity, and the pressure of the transfer cots directly affects the coating quantity, while the pressure of the transfer cots is directly affected by the source pressure. In a word, this kind of problem has great influence on the coating quantity.

4. The influence of the rotational speed of the coating mechanism on the coating quantity

The adjustment of the coating quantity of the solvent-free composite machine is to adjust the ratio between the coating roll and the transfer steel roll, so the stability of the line speed of the coating roller and the transfer steel roller has great influence on the coating quantity.

A said composite machine refers to home textiles, clothing, furniture, automotive interiors and other related industries, a composite equipment, mainly used in various types of cloth, leather, film, paper, sponge, such as two layers or multi-layer lamination production process. The concrete is divided into plastic compound and glue-free compound, there is glue compound and divided into water glue, pu oil glue, hot melts, and so on, no glue composite process is the direct hot-pressing bonding between materials or flame-burning compound. At present, the national standard of the composite machine has been implemented.


1. Application in the flow film, breathable membrane and non-woven fabric, such as adhesive. Apply to baby diapers, medical protective clothing, food desiccant packaging and other industry products.

2. Apply in Non-woven fabric and other materials on the compound (laminating) and slitting processing. Applicable to household air purifier, automotive air purifier, air-conditioning, refrigerators and other supporting filter materials processing.