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Hot Melt Glue Machine For EPE Foam Sheet/film Simple Structure Requires High Work

Jul 03, 2017

Hot Melt Glue Machine for EPE Foam Sheet/film It is heated hot melt adhesive material melting state requires the device flow glue temperature. The hot melt melter melt tank looks like a rectangular box, inside and outside the two layers of a combination of two-tier structure. The inner jacket is made of metal material melting tank, excellent thermal conductivity; the outer layer is made of angle steel and steel shell, supporting the molten pool. Four side walls and outer air layer, can be installed on the deck of the equipment and wires, but also as a heating bath insulation.

Hot Melt Glue Machine for EPE Foam Sheet/film from the box box, electric heating device, environmental hot melt thermometer and filter plate. The tank is usually made of aluminum alloy material, it is melting a certain volume of the cavity, the hot melt material; the upper opening of the slot, so that the hot melt adhesive material and solid, and with a cover, to prevent foreign matter into the molten bath. Environmental hot melt adhesive hot melt adhesive tank is set in the bottom of the heated electric heating device, hot melt box. The tank is equipped with a thermometer and temperature control device, the heating temperature can be adjusted automatically by the automatic temperature controller.

The heating and melting tanks can be divided into a smooth surface structure and two forms of meshing structure. The surface of the surface and the bottom of the surface is a smooth surface, the bottom of the tank is tilted low without the exit, the structure is simple; hot melt adhesive material cavity structure can be applied to any shape of the molten solid.

The structure of the melting furnace is divided into three parts: the upper part of the facade, the upper part of the bar, the upper part of the bar, Confluence of the hot melt glue separator at the bottom of each channel filter, into the exit low. The structure of the molten pool as a heat transfer area increases, greatly improving the thermal efficiency of the furnace, but a corresponding reduction in the effective area of the pool; In addition, the shape of the size of the particles or bulk solid hot melt adhesive material has been limited. 

In addition to the melt channel structure, some additional feed hoppers, environmentally friendly hot melt hopper hopper feed solid hot melt adhesive material. Large-scale composite structure design with pre-bath, hot-melt box and hot melt storage tank. 

The cavity size of the hot bath should be based on the requirements of the hot melt adhesive coating production to determine the basis. Environmental protection hot melt adhesive hot melt adhesive manufacturers professional painting equipment to produce a variety of specifications for customers to choose, including the small size of the pool capacity of 4kg, pre-welding device capacity of up to 100 kg. Environmental hot melt adhesive melting power heating melting cell heater mainly depends on the melting temperature, melting coating requirements, work requirements, but also by coating hot melt liquid temperature and melt bath environmental factors such as heat dissipation.