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Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine Easy To Operate, Low Cost, Suitable For Small Area

Oct 24, 2017

Hot-air Heating Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine is a kind of hot-melt Hot-air Heating Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine, is often used in fabric production of one of the accessories. Manufacturing processes that manufacture fusible linings usually have a sizing point, a double point, and sprinkle powder. The adhesive liner is attached to the back of the cloth by heating and pressing, when the cloth needs to express, the thickness can be reflected by adding the fusible lining, or the cloth is too soft and slippery to operate, the Hot-air Heating Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine can make the cloth become well-behaved and obedient ~ ~

A wide range of bonding linings, it can be used, cloth material, coating materials and so on to differentiate. The types of bonding lining are divided into: cloth bonded lining, non-woven adhesive liner, double-sided bonding liner.

Fabric bonding lining: cloth bonded lining is knitted or woven fabric for the cloth, often used in clothing, such as the main body or important position, such as large body, collar, sleeve and so on. According to different needs feel soft and hard points.

Non-woven Adhesive liner: Non-woven Hot-air Heating Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine is Non-woven fabric (Non-woven fabric) for the bottom cloth, the material is usually such as nylon, polyester, viscose fiber, etc., relative to the fabric of the price of bonding, but the quality is no doubt a bit weak. Non-woven liner is suitable for some edge corners, such as open bag, lock buttonhole and so on. Non-woven liner also has the thickness of the points, their thicknesses will be directly reflected in the use of the position, depending on the need to choose.

double-sided Bonding Liner: Common double-sided bonding thin as a cicada, also known as double-sided adhesive. It is usually used to adhere to two pieces of cloth, such as in the cloth can be used to paste the cloth on the background cloth, the operation is very convenient. The market also has a full ribbon of double-sided bonding lining, which is very useful for folding edges or piping.

Hot-air Heating Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine is one of the indispensable accessories in clothing, which plays an important role in the production of garments, with the progress of science and technology, more and more kinds of liner, more and more adapt and promote the development of apparel industry. Clothing linings refer to the collar of clothing, two shoulders, waist, chest, cuffs, door flaps and other parts of the pad lining material, reasonable choice of linings to do a good job of clothing is very important, especially the shirt, suit lining selection, but also relates to the dress style is decent, wear is comfortable.

Hot-air Heating Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine is a kind of garment lining, it is a kind of hot-melt adhesive coating, is currently used in the production of clothing accessories. The bonding liner is attached to the back of the cloth by heating and pressing, and when the cloth needs to be crisp and thick, it can be embodied by adding a fusible lining, or when the fabric is too soft and difficult to operate, the fabric can be easily treated by adding a bonding liner. Bonding lining can complete the role of the material can not be completed, to prevent clothing from walking, changed. At present, the types of bonding lining in the market are also constantly enriched, and constantly meet the requirements of clothing.

Bonding liner is a kind of chemical liner, also called Hot melt lining, mainly by chemical raw materials such as polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, polyvinyl alcohol, etc. made of adhesives attached to the fabric formed material. According to the base cloth classification, the bonding lining can be divided into the textile cloth adhesion lining (has the textile cloth lining) and the Non-woven fabric interlining (Non-woven lining), also has one kind of double-sided bonding lining is usually used for sticking two pieces of cloth, or is very useful in the hem and the piping.

Bonding is an important process in garment processing, it is also easy to appear quality problems, such as blistering, stiffness and so on.

Clothing production using a special adhesive machine or press to glue, quality assurance, but also some clothing factory is still using the general thermostat iron for pressing, easy to operate, low cost, suitable for small area, low melting point of the pressing process interlining, but the effect is passable. The pressing hot bonding lining is related to the three factors of pressing temperature, pressing time and pressing pressure.

The main mechanism of the Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine consists of a heating system, a pressurized system, a cooling system and a transmission system. The heating system is an important part of the Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine, with plate heating and curved plate heating. The function of the pressurized system is to pressurize the hot-melt bonding lining with the fabric in the upper and lower pressure rollers or the upper and lower platen. In addition, after heating, pressure, bonding fabric and the hot melts in the fabric is not fully cured, easy to occur fabric and lining of the dislocation, affect the quality of bonding, therefore, the need to give cooling after bonding. Finally, the transmission system is the role of conveying clothing, will pave the lining of the garment into the heating zone for heating, pressure, bonding and then the adhesive after the piece of clothing from the heating zone to be transported, cooling stereotypes.

The classification of Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine is mainly flat-plate Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine, pressure roller type adhesive machine two kinds. Among them, the main plate Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine has push-pull type plate sticking machine, rotary plate-sticking machine and step-type plate roller machine three kinds.