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Jan 06, 2017

Screw extruder is relying on the rotation of the screw pressure and shear forces, allows the material to fully plasticized and mixing by die molding

Plastic extruder is also one of the types of plastics machinery. Extruder based on head direction of material flow and the angle between the center line of the screw, you can head into the crosshead and bevel head. Head of shell is usually fixed with bolts on top of the fuselage, die die die core and nut fixed on the nose into the line port, and core is also fitted with a core, and core and core of the centre hole, which is used by wire. According to the different types of pressure, making continuous intermittent extrusion extrusion and extrusion process can be divided into two. Former equipment for screw-type extruder, which device is a piston extruder. Screw-type extruder can be by virtue of the number of screw generally classified as single-screw extruder and multi screw extruders.