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EPE Foam Pipe/rod/profile Machine Very Well Satisfied And Strengthened

Jul 12, 2017

EPE Foam Pipe/rod/profile Machine storage place should be cool and well ventilated is appropriate, in order to prevent the foaming agent escape too fast, to maintain a moderate rate, the storage temperature of 25 ℃ below is better, and often keep the ventilation. Its composition is composed of hook and air bubble generator two parts. The upper part of the hook tube has a curved nozzle, to hook the fire on the oil tank, and spray the bubble to the tank, and the bottom of the air bubble generator, with 65 mm tube joint buckle, connected with water, air bubbles Mixed solution.

EPE Foam Pipe/rod/profile Machines are popular products in foam products because they are not common in everyday life and are not common in industry. But in fact the bubble tube or a lot of role, but we did not notice

EPE Foam Pipe/rod/profile Machine is one of the foam products, black, yellow, green, white, red and so on. Different sizes of EPE Foam Pipe/rod/profile Machine has a different role, and some EPE Foam Pipe/rod/profile Machine is used as a fire extinguishing fire, is a fixed fire fighting equipment, auxiliary fire fighting tools. Some of the EPE Foam Pipe/rod/profile Machine as a protective effect of sun protection: the conventional protection of the object are clothesline, water pipes, air conditioning tube. First of all say that dry clothes: generally for the beautiful, in the bamboo pole wrapped in a layer of EPE Foam Pipe/rod/profile Machine, not only can increase the appearance, but also can increase the friction, will not let the clothes run by the wind run. Summer can protect the clothesline will not be sun cracked. For the water pipe, the role of EPE Foam Pipe/rod/profile Machine can be big. Because the summer bubble tube can protect the water pipe is not sunburn can also be a short time to ensure that the water temperature will not be too hot. To the Qingdao water pipe is easy to be cold to freeze the cold, and the bubble tube can just solve the problem of freezing by the weather. The air conditioning tube, not to mention the summer to keep the air-conditioning, winter to keep heating. So the bubble tube can also be said to protect the sunscreen.

In the transport industry for the custody of the problem is still very important, from the current view of the bubble tube is a popular material, in its help not only can make the effect of a very good upgrade, but also in the use of style Made a change.

First, protect the product from damage

Usually use this material to help, to protect the product itself is not subject to any damage, it is because this ensures that everyone in the use of style to strengthen and meet. Products in the production and processing period, according to a reasonable method of application, to enhance the application efficiency of materials to be met and play. In recent years, the use of EPE Foam Pipe/rod/profile Machine to the processing of enterprises is not a minority, it is because so that more friends to understand its important role.

Second, should not break the flexibility of strong

This EPE Foam Pipe/rod/profile Machine can be used in the performance of a very good performance, because the EPE Foam Pipe/rod/profile Machine itself will not be due to the characteristics of deformation caused by extrusion, coupled with the internal anti-damage to the material into it, so in the daily The use of the effect has also been very good to meet and strengthen. Flexibility at the same time, the effect is also a great improvement, interested friends to try to help everyone made progress and improve.

Bubble tube has now become a topic we are concerned about, there may be time to use this material to try, I believe in the effect can also be very good to meet. The emergence of this material to many industries has brought great satisfaction, the use of this approach to help, to everyone in the application of the style has been met, is currently a concern and choice of a direction, it is worth a lot Field application and selection.