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EPE Foam Net Machine Low Cost, Easy To Operate

Jun 21, 2017

EPE Foam Net Machine through the programming, intelligent control technology, a change in the current manual mode of operation, high reliability, will greatly improve the steel welded wire mesh processing accuracy and production efficiency, suitable for large-scale standard network and variety of complex number less Of the production of the network, for construction (bridges, tunnels) with a variety of fence and welded wire mesh. It has a small footprint, large output, low cost, easy operation, reasonable process, the controller intelligent, maintenance-free features. Production procedures can be adjusted by the staff according to the actual needs of their own, to complete a variety of reinforced mesh welding molding, application prospects. So the latest automatic steel mesh welding machine is more suitable for the current stage of China's national conditions, there is a great application value, can completely replace the imported equipment.

EPE Foam Net Machine motor power, the use of synchronous control technology, sub-control welding and welding time by the digital programming system control, input panel for the touch screen or button two, more intelligent operation, rationalization, and has a compact, Welding characteristics, welding power for the electric, the use of stepper motor hopper, brake motor drive car to send, stepper motor drive car pull net. Warp and weft are cut straight by the straightening machine cut off, vertical silk placed manually, cross wire automatic wire.

1. Economical foam granulator, mainly for novice entrepreneurial and production of relatively small user use.


2.20 type split single and double reducer foam granulator, which has the advantage of automatic temperature control automatically change the network, out of good quality particles, mainly for a month about 10 tons of users

Three .320 type, 350 large-scale split automatic foam granulator, mainly for the majority of high-volume old users replacement equipment, the advantages of small power, high yield.

Four. Foam block material wool machine, mainly for wool particles and the bulk of the material over the net.

1, professional

To be honest, professional is the survival of a factory, if a small factory in doing a variety of different equipment, not even a field of equipment, then you think he can do it?

2, shop around, more study about

Do not believe that this is the case, be sure to be seeing is believing, do not believe this kind of unrealistic words, the most important site visits.

3, after-sales service

Machinery and equipment Well, will be more or less there is such a problem, this time depends on the manufacturers of the service.

So once again to remind you, buy equipment must buy professional manufacturers, good after-sales service, then how can we choose to fit their own foam granulator equipment?

To give you a few points to buy foam granulator price recommendations:

1. election on the manufacturers: first of all to choose a professional manufacturer, so the manufacturers will be based on the raw materials to provide you with the most suitable for your equipment, the best choice to recover the product manufacturers, this is the future can not sell the goods do not have to worry about.

2. According to the output election equipment: This is very important, it is estimated that you can receive a month about how much material, and then select the device when the election a little bigger, so even if you will be a little more material and no equipment, the most important Is the province of artificial.

3. Do not blindly follow: to know what you do is not the same as others, how much a month yield, can not blindly follow, to see what others buy, what they want to buy, come back is not easy to use.

4. can not only figure cheap do not look at the quality: the price of foam granulator is also very important, such as some users want to buy a low price cheap, and finally only two results, one is deceived, one is bought a pile Scrap iron. So buy equipment can not light map cheap, price concessions on the one hand, the other is the quality of the other side.