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EPE Foam Machine The Higher The Product Strength, The Better The Insulation Performance

Nov 02, 2017

Polyurethane foam on the market a wide range of various brands, various shapes, a variety of names of the number of EPE Foam Machines are numerous, and the new brand, the new name of the EPE Foam Machine is also constantly introduced. Many models, so that manufacturers dazzled, so that the wrong model, in order to facilitate the producers choose the right foaming machine, now talk about the choice of EPE Foam Machine.

1, fully understand the type of EPE Foam Machine

Although the basic principle of the foaming machine is to introduce blowing gas into the aqueous blowing agent, different types of foaming machines introduce different gases in different ways. Know the type of EPE Foam Machine to know its way of airing, which to further understand its technical characteristics and the use of a great help, help producers to grasp the overall.

For example, low-speed mixing type is driven by slow rotation blade gas, bubble production is small, foaming efficiency is low; high-speed impeller type is driven by high-speed rotating impeller, bubble diameter can not control the bubble uneven; high pressure and low pressure type production Bubble speed, high efficiency, uniform bubble, small.

Clear the advantages and disadvantages of various types of polyurethane EPE Foam Machine, and then select the EPE Foam Machine is easy. Therefore, a full understanding of the type of EPE Foam Machine, the producers choose the right EPE Foam Machine plays a vital role.

2, carefully grasp the basic technical parameters of the EPE Foam Machine

For the producers, just understand the model and the principle of foam is not enough, but also need to further understand the foam several important technical parameters to determine whether to meet their own production requirements.

1) production: yield is the amount of production, the amount must be slightly higher than their own need to bubble 20%, to leave room for its production should be the lower limit of the calculation of the basis for the calculation, but not the upper limit;

2) installed capacity: installed capacity is the total installed power, this parameter on the calculation of electrical appliances to the total power of the adaptability of the important significance;

3) Equipment size: This parameter is the necessary layout of the workshop layout of the necessary factors;

4) bubble diameter range: the general should be based on the specific product requirements of the bubble to control.

Table 1 MC-600 type foaming machine technical parameters

Foam Capacity Installed Power Host Weight Outside Dimension Power Supply Foam Diameter

0.6 m / min 4kw 98kg 700mm × 750mm × 1100mm 380V 0.1 ~ 2mm

3, carefully understand the quality of foam

Polyurethane EPE Foam Machine is the ultimate product of the bubble, and the production process we need is the bubble, so the quality of the bubble is good or bad to determine the performance of the unique standards of foam. Determine the foaming quality of the foaming machine, which should be mainly in three aspects, namely, foam tightness, foam uniformity and foam bleeding.

Foam fine refers to the size of the bubble diameter, the smaller the bubble diameter, the more dense foam dense, the better the stability of the foam, the higher the strength of the product produced, the better the insulation performance.

Bubble uniformity refers to the size of the bubble should be uniform, the bubble diameter the more uniform the narrower the distribution, the more stress the product, the better the use of the effect.

Bubble bleeding refers to the amount of foam produced after the bubble burst, the lower the amount of foam bleeding, the lower the water content of the foam, indicating that the foaming machine foam better.

Foaming machine in the above three areas can meet the requirements, should be confirmed by the test machine approved. In the choice of EPE Foam Machine, the foaming machine must be issued by the bubble must be more water and less sponge-like small foam, and even fine.

EPE Foam Machine production process

1, feeding, mixing: through the feeding system will be quantitative cement, foam agent, foam stabilizer added to the mixer, dry mix for 30 seconds;

2, stirring: the amount of warm water will be added to the mixer, wet stirring for 2 minutes; the amount of the blowing agent into the mixer stirring 8-15 seconds;

3, injection molding, foaming: the slurry will be injected into the mold foam, foaming process about 3-5 minutes;

4, the initial conservation: After the completion of injection molding for several hours to carry out the initial maintenance;

5, stripping: foaming cement insulation board to complete the initial coagulation, with the initial strength can be stripping;

6, cutting: with a certain strength of the foam insulation board insulation mold can be cut off after cutting, cutting specifications according to the need to adjust the cutting blade;

7, polyurethane foam equipment, finished product conservation: foam cement insulation board maintenance age should not be less than 7 days.