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EPE Foam Machine Sound Insulation, Heat Insulation, Impact Resistance

Aug 11, 2017

At present people in life, work, study, everywhere with plastic or plastic products in contact, it has become people's lives and national economic development is one of the indispensable materials.

EPE Foam Machine, in China or nearly a decade of the rise of a new type of plastic products. It is made of polyethylene plastic particles, after heating, melting, extrusion, catalysis, foaming the formation of pearl cotton foam sheet of plastic material. The material is characterized by noise, heat insulation, impact resistance, anti-friction, shock, water, corrosion, moisture, anti-deformation, non-toxic, no smell, easy soft and other characteristics. It can be made into 0.5-13mm sheet material, can also be compound and Fumo can produce a variety of packaging materials and filling materials. Today, this material has become more and more widely used in the construction, decoration industry, precision instruments, advanced machinery and equipment, automobiles, aircraft, advanced tools, household appliances, high-grade glassware, porcelain, handicrafts, daily necessities, Toys, footwear, clothing, furniture, tableware, food and fruit, vegetables and other materials packaging and filling auxiliary materials. In agriculture has been widely used in greenhouse shed insulation and fruit and vegetable shock, anti-friction, heat insulation, impact resistance, corrosion, moisture-proof function.

EPE Foam Machine is a new type of polyethylene plastic products, because it has special advantages, not only does not pollute the environment, but also repeated recycling, so according to its own characteristics is a new type, Chaoyang never decline material The With the advance of time and the continuous development and application of products, EPE Foam Machines will be in the packaging and filling materials to be more widely used.

EPE Foam Machine is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging, filling materials. Its superior characteristics, more and more people are known, so its use will continue to expand and innovate. Especially in the packaging and other industrial timber, it is better than the traditional timber performance, lower cost, higher grade, nice, the effect is better. In addition, it is in the agricultural and sideline products packaging materials more broad its vast world. At the same time EPE Foam Machine sheet can also be deep processing, just the preparation of Zhenzhu Mian Laminating Machine, composite machine can be, in the EPE sheet surface covered HDPE film, aluminum, coated paper, coated cloth , After the film after the EPE plate, not only improve the mechanical strength, but also improve the original performance and printing a variety of patterns, text, expand product promotion efforts. And the composite sheet can be widely applied to the box liner, life jackets, heat insulation, moisture tents and other lining materials, economic benefits with doubled growth.

In addition, EPS (foamed polystyrene) packaging products can not be recycled after use, resulting in white pollution, was banned internationally. 98 years Europe and the United States promulgated the ban on the import of EPS packaging of any product,EPE Foam Machine China promulgated in 99 and other departments to prohibit the EPS fast food box, so EPE Zhenzhu Mian packaging products will be a comprehensive alternative to EPS packaging materials, will soon occupy the packaging market, and may replace Paper, corrugated board and other packaging materials, and the appearance of any packaging than the beautiful.