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EPE Foam Machine Safe And Smooth Operation, Easy To Operate

Oct 10, 2017

Polyethylene foam cloth, also known as EPE, is a new type of packaging materials, with moisture-proof, shockproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, plasticity and many other advantages, compared with the traditional material performance, low cost, high grade, beautiful and generous, is the traditional packaging material ideal alternative. Pearl Cotton has been widely used in fruit, handicrafts packaging, gaskets, etc., through thickening can be used as cushioning materials for electronics, daily necessities, glass, ceramics, home appliances, spraying, furniture, metal products, toys and other products packaging, alternative foam products. Product recycling is easy to reuse, is a new type of environmentally friendly products.

EPE Foam Machine Unit (EPE unit) using advanced single machine foaming technology, product foaming rate high, energy-saving and efficient, the use of explosion-proof motor, frequency control and function digital display instruments, automatic control, safe and stable operation, easy to operate, selected High-quality accessories at home and abroad, stable and reliable quality.

EPE Pearl Cotton In China is a recent rise of a new type of plastic products materials. It is made of poly-ethyl plastic particles, through heating, melting, extrusion, catalysis, foaming to form a pearl cotton foam sheet of plastic materials. EPE Pearl Cotton Foaming material is a new type of poly-ethyl plastic products because of its special advantages, not only not pollute the environment and can be recycled,EPE Foam Machine so according to its own characteristics is a new, the sun never decline material. With the advance of time and product development and application, EPE Pearl cotton foam material will be in the packaging and filling materials to be more widely used.

EPE Foam Machine consists of the following parts:

I. Feeding section: The raw material is sent into the extruder by feeding section. Including Hopper, screw, barrel, extruder main motor and other parts, AC motor through the Reducer box and host screw connection.

Second, Plastic heating section: The installation of high-power heating ring, the DPE resin particles melt, and through the screw will melt the resin forward.

Third, forming heating section: This part has heating mechanism and cooling device, can be molded raw materials to cool down, until through the screw will be extruded raw materials, in addition,EPE Foam Machine including butane pump and shrink-resistant agent pump, shrink-resistant agent pump to heat after the barrel.

Four, die head part: Raw material one after die lip start foaming.

Five, stereotypes drum: Through the fan in this section to provide cooling air.

Six, Traction Roller: From the stereotypes of the expansion of the sheet into this part of the traction, traction speed should be kept balancedEPE Foam Machine, traction roller equipped with frequency conversion speed control motor, easy to adjust the traction speed.

Seven, the transfer of the material Roller: equipped with a fixed sheet length meter, when the first roll of the length of the set to meet the requirements of rotation 180°,EPE Foam Machine the second roll began to roll sheet.