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EPE Foam Machine Mutual Cooperation With A Technical System

Jul 24, 2017

EPE Foam Machine, also known as foam generator, is the easiest device to make foam.

EPE Foam Machine is a foaming agent can be a certain concentration of aqueous solution made of foam equipment. The foaming agent itself can not automatically become a foam, it must be through the mechanical action of the foam machine to become a bubble. EPE Foam Machine and foaming agent is a technical system with each other, can not play a separate role.

The actual operation of the EPE Foam Machine is the air-entraining machine, which is the introduction of air into the aqueous solution of the foaming agent to disperse evenly, so as to realize the contact surface of the liquid gas as large as possible so that the surface active agent in the foaming agent forms a double electric power Layer and surround the air, forming a bubble. Therefore, the EPE Foam Machine is also equal to the EPE Foam Machine, which is equivalent to making the foaming agent aqueous solution mixed with air to make bubbles. The main body of the polyurethane foam product is the foam, so the bubble foam machine has become the foam equipment production of key equipment and host.

Foam machine first appeared in foreign countries, the original model is the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller bubble, it is also known as "bubble machine." Later, with the continuous progress of technology, foam technology continues to improve, the new models continue to emerge, forming a different technical system. China as early as the 20th century, 50 years began to use the foam machine, but not a dedicated foam models, but the use of mortar mixer. The foaming agent is added directly to the mortar mixer or concrete mixer, allowing the blowing agent to mix with the mortar or concrete to form a foam. Before and after the 20th century, 70 years, began to appear special blowing agent, that is, high-speed impeller foam machine. And then continue to upgrade technology and upgrading, and now has developed into a high-pressure inflatable as the main third-generation models, the basic to meet the needs of foam concrete.

Now the emergence of a wide range of polyurethane foam on the market, a variety of grades, a variety of shapes, a variety of names of the foam machine countless, and the new grades, the new name of the foam machine is also constantly introduced. Numerous models, so that manufacturers dazzled, so that the wrong model, now talk about the choice of foam machine.

1, fully understand the type of polyurethane foam machine equipment (although the basic principle of the EPE Foam Machine is to the introduction of gas into the blowing agent, but different types of foam into the gas in different ways.

2, carefully grasp the basic technical parameters of polyurethane foam machine (for the producers, understand the foam several important technical parameters to determine whether to meet their own production requirements.

3, carefully understand the quality of equipment foam (foam foam to determine the quality, should be three main, that is, bubble density, foam uniformity, foam bleeding capacity.

Regardless of the EPE Foam Machine, the basic principle of foaming is to introduce air into the blowing agent solution. Various models of change is the introduction of different ways of gas, and thus the effect is different. The formation of the bubble has two essential factors, one is the blowing agent solution, the second is the air, both are indispensable. Without the blowing agent solution, the liquid film surrounding the gas will not form, there will be no bubbles. And no gas, a single blowing agent solution, the bubble can not be formed.

In the bubble formation system, the blowing agent solution is a dispersion medium, the gas is a dispersed phase, the gas is dispersed in the liquid to form the bubble, and the bubble is composed of numerous bubbles. In addition to the important factors of foaming agent performance, the introduction of gas into the blowing agent solution is another important factor. The gas into the liquid, must be completed by the foam machine, the EPE Foam Machine using a certain method of gas into the liquid.

Polyurethane EPE Foam Machine is divided into polyurethane high pressure EPE Foam Machine and low pressure EPE Foam Machine. A, B two components of the liquid, the precise ratio and high-speed mixing, by the two high-precision metering pump, the A, B two groups of liquid were sent to the mixing head. After a strong stirring at high speed, so that the material evenly and spray, the formation of the required products. From the power classification can be divided into: high-speed impeller type, high pressure air type, blast low pressure type. A complete polyurethane foam machine consists of the following systems: the flow system, the metering system, the gas system, the heating system, the cleaning system, the mixing device.