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EPE Foam Machine Higher Level, Nice

May 31, 2017

High-density white EPE Foam Machine not only make the appearance of sophisticated, high-density white EPE Foam Machine to participate in black anti-static agent and flame retardant. Useful to avoid static electricity and burning, EPE and other fabric bonding products are outstanding interior decoration materials. See high-density white EPE Foam Machine with special strengths, not only do not pollute the environment, but also to use, trust high-density white EPE Foam Machine will become a new high-quality packaging materials.

EPE Zhenzhu Mian is a new type of polyethylene plastic products, because it has special strengths, not only does not pollute the environment, and can be repeated use, and therefore by its own characteristics is a new type, Chaoyang never hesitant information. With the advance of time and the continuous development and use of goods, packaging and filling materials will be more widely used. Because it is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging, filling information. Its superiority, more and more people are known, so its use will continue to expand and innovative. Especially in the packaging and other industrial timber, it is better than the traditional timber function, lower cost, higher level, nice, the role of better.

In addition, it is in the agricultural and sideline products packaging materials more broad its vast world. Together with high-density white EPE Foam Machine can also be deep processing, just make Zhenzhu Mian Laminating Machine, the complex machine can be in the high-density white EPE Zhenzhu Mian shock packaging material appearance of HDPE film, Coated paper, coated cloth, etc., after the film after the EPE plate, not only improve the mechanical strength, but also can improve the original function and print a variety of patterns, text, expand the product to promote the intensity. And the composite sheet can be widely used in the box lining, life jackets, insulation, moisture tents and other lining materials, economic benefits followed doubled growth.

It is the choice of physical foaming rather than chemical foaming, its production process on the physical blowing agent, foaming auxiliaries, anti-shrink agent, nucleating agent selection and temperature control requirements are relatively severe. In the selection of physical blowing agent, the primary demand in the normative state is best into a gaseous state, under pressure conditions easy to liquefaction, because the EPE EPE foam is the physical foaming agent from the liquid into the results of the gas, followed by Is the demand for blowing agent is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, no rot, after the foam in the polymer without leaving residue,EPE Foam Machine in the polyethylene melt in the low permeability, low vapor pressure at room temperature, high volatility, Low molecular weight, high density, the unit volume of the gas cost is low, the extruded state can be dissolved in polyethylene, raise the temperature and pressure, the amount of change will be added, easy to make plastic foam forming a very small density of foam.