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EPE Foam Machine Fast, High Efficiency, Uniform And Small Bubbles

Oct 24, 2017

EPE Foam Machine as an important production equipment to add volume and reduce weight to the product, is a rare mechanical products, and the market on a wide range of foam machine, a variety of brands, a variety of shapes, various names of the EPE Foam Machine countless, in order to facilitate producers to choose the correct EPE Foam Machine, now talk about the selection method of EPE Foam Machine.

Although the basic principle of the EPE Foam Machine is to inject gas into the foaming agent aqueous solution, different types of EPE Foam Machines introduce gas in different ways. Know the type of the EPE Foam Machine to know its way of gas, which is to further understand its technical features and performance has a great help, help the producers to grasp the overall. For example, a low-speed stirring type is a slow-speed rotating blade that introduces gas, the bubble yield is small, the foaming efficiency is low, the high speed impeller type is by the high speed revolving impeller to draw the gas, the bubble size cannot control, the froth is uneven, the high pressure and the medium and low pressure type production bubble speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the bubble is homogeneous, small. Clear the advantages and disadvantages of various types of EPE Foam Machine, and then choose the EPE Foam Machine is easy. Therefore, to fully understand the type of EPE Foam Machine, the producers of the right choice of EPE Foam Machine plays a vital role.

EPE Foam Machine also known as foam generator is to make foam cement the simplest equipment.

EPE Foam Machine is the foaming agent can be a certain concentration of aqueous solution made into foam equipment. The foaming agent itself can not automatically become a bubble, it must be through the mechanical role of the EPE Foam Machine can become a bubble. EPE Foam Machine and foaming agent is a technical system of mutual cooperation, can not play a role alone.

EPE Foam Machine is the actual gas, it is the air into the foaming agent aqueous solution evenly dispersed, to achieve as large a liquid gas contact surface, so that the surface of the foaming agent in the liquid film surface of the formation of double electric layer and surrounded by air, forming a bubble. Therefore, the EPE Foam Machine is also equal to the bubble machine, it is equal to the foaming agent water solution and air mixture made of bubble. Polyurethane foam products are the main body of foam, so foam EPE Foam Machine has become a foam product production of key equipment and host.

EPE Foam Machine first appeared in foreign countries, its original model is the use of high-speed rotating impeller foam, it also known as "Da Pao machine." Later, with the continuous progress of technology, EPE Foam Machine technology content has been increasing, new models continue to appear, forming a different technical system. China began to use the EPE Foam Machine in the 1950s, but is not a dedicated foam model, but the use of mortar mixer. The foaming agent will be directly added to the mortar mixer or concrete mixer, let the foaming agent and mortar or concrete mix together to create a foam. The 1970s before and after, began to appear special foaming agent, that is, high-speed impeller EPE Foam Machine. After the continuous technology upgrading and replacement, has now developed into a high-pressure inflatable as the main body of the third generation of models, basically to meet the needs of foam concrete.