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EPE Foam Machine A Certain Amount Of Ability To Produce A Lot Of Foam

Jul 12, 2017

Now there are many types of EPE Foam Machines on the market. We should fully understand the type of EPE Foam Machine. Although the basic principle of EPE Foam Machine is to introduce gas into the aqueous solution of foaming agent, different types of EPE Foam Machine introduce gas Different ways to seriously grasp the basic technical parameters of the foam machine, a serious understanding of the quality of foam, for producers, just understand the principle of microcomputer is not enough, but also need to further understand the foam several important technical parameters, These are some of the ways we choose the EPE Foam Machine.

Foam machine should be used when the first check whether the screw is loose, the spindle rotation is flexible, the spindle steering is correct, these are used in the use of foam before the work should be done to observe the foam machine out of color, shape , Flexible control of the heating power supply for the situation.

Flexible control of the length of water into the water, depending on the temperature, the water temperature is different, but also do a good job of EPE Foam Machine in vitro protection, these are the use of foam machine should pay attention to matters.

EPE Foam Machine and foaming agent has a close relationship, the broad sense of the blowing agent and the narrow sense of the foaming agent blowing agent has a broad and narrow sense of the two concepts. These two concepts are somewhat different, it can distinguish between non-application of the blowing agent and the application of blowing agent.

The generalized blowing agent refers to a surfactant or surfactant which produces a large amount of foam in the case where all of its aqueous solution can be reintroduced into the air. Since most surfactants and surfactants have a large amount of foaming ability, the broadening of the blowing agent contains most of the surfactant and the surface active material. Thus, the broad range of blowing agents is very large, many types, its performance quality is very different, with a very wide selection of selectivity.

Generalized blowing agent expansion ratio, foam stability and other technical performance is not strict requirements, only that it has a certain ability to produce a large number of foam, the bubble can have practical use is not defined.

② narrow sense of the blowing agent in the narrow sense of the blowing agent is not only can produce a lot of foam, and the foam has excellent performance, to meet the technical requirements of a variety of products foam, can really be used to produce the actual surfactant or surface activity substance. It is the broadest difference with the generalized blowing agent is its application value, reflecting its application value is its excellent performance. Its excellent performance for the foam capacity is particularly strong, the amount of foam production per unit volume, the foam is very stable, can be a long time without defoaming, foam and delicate, and the use of good compatibility with the media.

In the narrow sense of the blowing agent is the practical application of the industry's blowing agent, the general people often say that the blowing agent refers to such a narrow foam agent. Only the narrow sense of the blowing agent have the value of research and development.

 Foam machine power plant in the work, because it will produce a certain vibration. This vibration will have a damaging effect on the already formed foam. At the same time, the vibration is too large, but also cause the instrument installed on the instrument damage. So when installing the foam machine, try to use the foot screw, the foam machine fixed to the ground, when the screws loose, it is necessary to tighten. If it is a mobile foam machine, to install a stable foot, in use, will move the wheel lift, so that the foot stability, as far as possible so that the foam machine has good stability.