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Characteristics Of EPE

Jan 06, 2017

It is made of low density polyethylene resin foam produced numerous independent bubbles. By far the more advanced protective packaging materials. EPE has a high elastic, white. Because it is a completely independent bubbles, it is light, flexible and can bend to absorb impact forces dispersed outside the buffer effect, overcome the ordinary styrofoam is fragile, deformation and recovery of faults, EPE with insulation, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, friction-proof, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and so on. Strong resistance to aging, has a good workability, adding static agent pink EPE materials also has a significant static functions and PO film, aluminum, woven materials such as laminate, you can also increase the tear strength and UV protection. EPE is an environmentally friendly material can be recycled. Shock-proof, heat preservation, good plasticity, toughness, recycle, strong resistance to the force of the impact, and many other advantages, and also has very good chemical resistance performance. Is the ideal substitute of traditional packing materials. EPE in packaging of products are widely used, such as computers, electrical appliances, upscale furniture, leather goods, handbags, shoes, and so on. High-end crafts in particular, EPE and other premium fabrics, Velvet combined with luxurious style, without losing its good resistance to impact protection and future development trend of packaging high grade.

EPE polyethylene foam (Expandable Polyethylene) commonly known as Pearl cotton.

Features: low density, good flexibility, high recovery rate; shock-proof performance than the Polystyrene plastic with independent bubbles, low water absorption and barrier properties good acid, alkali, salt, oil and other organic solvents corrosion resistant performance; not flowing when the high temperature, low temperature, not brittle. B. application: high-end furniture, household appliances, instrumentation, process gifts, wood, glass, ceramics, waterproofing, carpet layer, sound insulation, traveling bags, precision parts, pipe insulation and other fields.