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Bonding Machine High Adjustment Accuracy

Jul 12, 2017

A self-elevating plate automatic lifting device comprising a frame in which a first conveying roller is mounted on one side of a frame and a second conveying roller is mounted on the other side, and between the first conveying roller and the second conveying roller A first conveyor belt is provided with a heating plate, a heating plate mounting bracket is arranged on the front and rear sides of the heating plate; a chute is arranged on the frame for moving the first conveying roller up and down; And a screw is arranged on one side of the screw, and the heating plate mounting bracket is fixedly connected with the first conveying shaft.

The first conveyor belt and the heating plate have a large adjustment distance and the adjustment accuracy is high by using the automatic heating and lowering device of the Bonding Machine.

A gluing Bonding Machine for making a cylindrical package comprises a base, a rotary table which is horizontally and rotatably mounted on the stand and a driving device for driving the rotary table, and is equally rotatably mounted A plurality of mold assemblies in the platen, a correction station corresponding to one of the mold assemblies, a correction mechanism provided at the correcting station, the mold assembly including a mold shaft, a mold set in the mold axis, and a mold fixedly connected to the mold axis The correcting mechanism includes a correction frame mounted on the stand and a correction drive device, the correction mold is fixedly arranged on the correction frame, the correction drive device has a correction drive bar for driving the driven wheel, the correction mold is located in the mold Shaft and coaxial with the mold axis.

By correcting the drive bar to drive the corresponding driven wheel and workpiece rotation, the correction of the mold in the process of gradually moving the workpiece and the mold concentric rotation, so the subsequent injection of plastic position more accurate, in line with high-quality product requirements.

In the field of mechanical technology, Bonding Machine coating device, which solves the existing laminating machine for the production of VCM color plate, no glue device, can not glue the surface of steel and other technical problems. The adhesive applicator comprises a frame, the glue applicator comprises a glue tank, a coating roller, a regulating roller and a conveying roller, the coating roller is connected with a rotating mechanism which can drive its rotation The mixing roller and the conveying roller are arranged up and down, the adjusting roller and the coating roller are arranged in parallel and both are at the same height, the adjusting roller is connected with an adjusting mechanism which can adjust the distance between the roller and the coating roller, And the other end of the hose is communicated with the glue tank through a conveying pump, and the lower part of the pipe body of the hose is provided with a plurality of perforating holes in the lower part of the pipe body of the hose, and the other end of the hose is connected with the glue tank, The Bonding Machine in the second half of 1989 from the imitation of Taiwan models to the present, can be divided into three stages. The first generation of ordinary type Bonding Machine, the model for the host system and the receiving system between the two systems using shaft drive system connection for a single motor drive, this model of the system is poor flexibility, the machine noise. The second generation is the beginning of 1992, the machine drive system to improve the design, the original shaft drive all to chain drive, and improve the design of the host rack, increase stability and ease of installation, reducing the machine noise. The third generation is from the second half of 1997, according to the original model structure and the characteristics of the smaller diameter of the drum, the design trial successful network belt Bonding Machine.