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Bonding Machine Has A Very Good Patience, Durable

Jul 24, 2017

Bonding Machine on the measuring instruments mainly for the pressure gauge, tachometer, thermometer, because these three measuring instruments to send more difficult, coupled with the company's bonding product quality requirements are not high, so the use of field test samples of the way the three Kind of measuring instruments for proofreading.

The detailed proofing method is as follows:

1, open the Bonding Machine preheating, adjust the temperature, speed;

2, take a small piece of cloth, put on the adhesive lining, first with the beginning of the iron braid;

3, adjust the pressure of the adhesive machine, the initial bonding of the sample into the Bonding Machine for bonding;

4, the bonded samples for destructive experiments, such as uneven dispersion of viscose, sticky force is not strong, again debugging, until the experiment to reach the best technical parameters of the situation, documented technical parameters;

5, a month after the same conditions and then test. Test results and then do destructive experiments, if the viscose uniform distribution, sticky and strong, confirmed that these three measuring equipment normal.

6, measurement results to be recorded.

China's Bonding Machine shopping malls, foreign companies settled in China to provide an excellent condition, many international Bonding Machine company has now fancy in China's low-cost expansion of the time of the mall, with foreign investment gradually increased, the reform of China's domestic companies quickly powerful. At the same time the new career guidelines and other principles of the announcement and implementation will promote the Chinese adhesive machine professional reshuffle, the company annexation and reorganization will be vigorously carried out under the guidance of the policy.

Its main features are the following aspects:

1, seamless Bonding Machine with the number of working hours is any connection Teflon conveyor belt life of more than 4.

2, the role of high temperature, with anti-sticking;

3, the belt is very delicate appearance, processing ultra-thin adhesive lining effect is very good; has a very good patience, durable.

4, there will be no such as the conveyor belt at the interface was easy to break the work of the attack

5, there will be no convergence between the circumference and the formation of a change, poor stability, aisle and other scenes.

Drying is essential for the Bonding Machine, usually in the baking machine is not done when the drying is complete, the following describes a Bonding Machine drying equipment, greatly improving the bonding drying power.

Drying equipment to deal with the existing laminating machine for the production of VCM color plate, there is no drying equipment, can not glue on the steel plate and other technical problems. Baking machine drying equipment, the structure includes the rack, the drying equipment contains a long strip of the oven, the two long sides of the oven from the import and export, the oven fixed on the net and under the net, on the net And a plurality of electric heating wires are arranged between the top of the oven and a plurality of electric heating wires are arranged between the bottom net and the bottom of the oven. A plurality of upper and lower conveying rollers are arranged in the oven, The rollers are located between the upper and lower webs, the upper and lower transport rollers are arranged up and down and there is a gap therebetween.