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Bonding Machine Easy To Operate, Low Cost

May 31, 2017

Bonding machine, bonding is an important process in garment processing, but also very easy to appear in the quality of the link, such as blistering, stiffness and so on.

Clothing production using a special bonding machine or pressing machine for bonding, quality assurance, there are some garment factories are still using the general constant temperature iron pressing, easy to operate, low cost, suitable for small area, low melting point lining pressure Hot processing, but the effect is unsatisfactory. Pressure and bonding pressure and pressure hot pressing pressure, pressure hot pressure pressure on the three elements.

The main mechanism of the bonding machine consists of heating system, pressurized system, cooling system, transmission system. The heating system is an important part of the bonding machine, with plate heating and curved plate heating. The function of the pressurizing system is to press between the upper and lower press rolls or the upper and lower press plates to bond the hot melt adhesive liner to the fabric. In addition, after heating, pressing, bonding fabric and fabric in the hot melt has not yet fully cured, prone to fabric and lining of the dislocation, affecting the quality of bonding, therefore, need to be given after the cooling The Finally, the role of the transmission system is to transport the pieces of clothing, will lay the lining of the pieces of clothing into the heating zone for heating, pressure, bonding and then after the bonding of the film from the heating zone to carry out the cooling stereotypes.

Bonding machine classification mainly flat-plate bonding machine, pressure roller type two. Among them, the plate bonding machine mainly push-pull plate stickers, rotary plate stickers and step-type plate roller three. Want to ensure the quality of bonding, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of adhesive lining and bonding machine. On foreign products, the bonding machine is the bonding technology and shirt production technology pioneer, in the field of leading position, domestic enterprises, undoubtedly the Shanghai Wei Shi champion. Visa company has a variety of different types, different sizes of bonding machine to choose from, mainly used in suits, shirts production.

High-grade shirt adhesion requirements are very high, especially for cuffs, collar and with a lining of the placket of these three parts, in addition to the choice of superior texture of the lining, the bonding machine requirements are very high. Shirt bonding can choose two-roll double-pressure bonding machine, or hydraulic plate bonding machine, high bonding quality, good bonding effect.

In addition, there is a kind of ultrasonic bonding, is emerging products in recent years, this product with the traditional sense of the concept of bonding completely different. Conventional bonding machine is to complete the process of pressing the adhesive lining, and this bonding machine, mainly to replace the sewing machine, to achieve a seamless garment connection, the shape is also closer to the sewing machine, easy to operate. Ultrasonic bonding machine, mainly to complete the trimming, suture, hole, open the process, so that the product wireless needle and welding strength better, and can simultaneously remove, stitching, embossing, the product a molding.

Standard companies in an interview before the media, the standard set up in Germany independent research and development institutions, developed for the high-end market of ultrasonic bonding machine, products in foreign markets in short supply; but in competition with domestic products found that domestic products The reason for the low price is caused by the material of the parts, whether it can regulate the material selection through the standardized means, both to maintain the fair, but also conducive to establish a domestic sewing machine brand image.