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Coating Machine Extensive Application

Jun 12, 2017

Coating Machine technology is widely used in paper and film substrate Coating Machine  and composite packaging. At present, many printing and packaging machinery enterprises use Coating Machine composite equipment, the Coating Machine  type and scraping a relatively single way, the application of Coating Machine technology is also limited.

Regardless of which Coating Machine compound equipment, the key part is the Coating Machine  head, and Coating Machine  head with what kind of Coating Machine scraping method, will directly affect the quality and effectiveness of Coating Machine . At present, several kinds of Coating Machine  and scraping methods for Coating Machine composite equipment are as follows: 1, Coating Machine type and application

Coating Machine composite equipment is mainly used in plastic film, paper, Dian Hualv, cloth and leather and other reel base of the plastic Coating Machine and composite processing. It is widely used in various types of packaging, has a broad development prospects. Coating Machine composite equipment roughly split roller on the plastic Coating Machine , anilox roller Coating Machine and hot melt adhesive spray Coating Machine  three.

(1) roll on the plastic Coating Machine 

This gel coat is usually coated with two rolls. Adjust the gap between the upper roller and the Coating Machine  roller, you can adjust the size of the Coating Machine . The entire Coating Machine head part of the structure is more complex, requiring the upper roller, Coating Machine  roller, traction roller and scraper processing accuracy and assembly accuracy, the cost is relatively high.

Because this Coating Machine  machine mainly uses high-precision optical roller for the plastic Coating Machine , Coating Machine  effect is better, the size of the Coating Machine in addition to the gap between the upper roller and Coating Machine  roller to adjust, but also through the Coating Machine Scraper micro-adjustment to flexible control, high Coating Machine  accuracy. At present in the Coating Machine  compound equipment is also the most widely used.

(2) Anilox roll on the plastic Coating Machine 

This Coating Machine  equipment is mainly used to reel (concave) Coating Machine  roller for plastic Coating Machine . Its Coating Machine  evenly, and the Coating Machine amount is more accurate (but the Coating Machine  is difficult to adjust). When coated with an anilox roll, the amount of Coating Machine  is primarily related to the depth of the otic roll and the accuracy of the glue type. The deeper the depth of the oars of the anilox roller, the more the amount of glue transferred from the concave eye to the substrate, and the more the depth of the anilox roller mesh is, the amount transferred to the substrate is correspondingly reduced. And viscosity also has a great relationship. Glue viscosity is too large and too small are not conducive to the normal transfer of plastic. Glue viscosity easy to transfer, too thin is easy to flow, so that the glue is not uniform, easy to produce vertical or horizontal water pattern. Therefore, once the type of anilox roller and glue is coated, it is difficult to adjust the Coating Machine  amount, which is also the main reason for the application of the textured Coating Machine  roller.

(3) hot melt adhesive spray Coating Machine 

This Coating Machine  equipment is mainly the solid type of plastic by heating and melting, the hydraulic capacity of the plastic Coating Machine  by the Coating Machine  directly on the substrate. Hot melt adhesive Coating Machine  is nearly a decade to develop the new technology, hot melt adhesive Coating Machine  does not require drying equipment, low energy consumption; hot melt adhesive for 100% of the solid rubber composition, does not contain toxic organic solvents. The ordinary Coating Machine  on the use of toxic organic solvents (such as benzene, etc.) to dilute the glue, the toxic gases caused by the harm to the operator is also extremely serious.

Hot melt Coating Machine has its unique advantages over conventional Coating Machine . Hot melt adhesive Coating Machine  is a green environment-based Coating Machine  technology, its production speed, high efficiency, low cost, small equipment footprint, short payback period, is an affordable investment projects, has been widely used in packaging , Medicine, automotive, clothing, electronics and other industries. Hot melt adhesive Coating Machine  has a huge market prospects, the technology in the market will grow more and more, and will continue to appear new applications. 2, scraping gum and application

Coating Machine  process tends to glue uneven, which requires a certain scraper mechanism, the plastic scraping evenly. Scraper institutions are mainly stainless steel scraper, comma scraper, scraping bar, wire scraper, air scraper and so on.

(1) stainless steel blade scraper

This scraper is cut with a stainless steel sheet and pressed against a scraper holder and applied to the upper (coated) roller. As the stainless steel sheet is softer, so scraping gum is not very uniform, most of the scraper used on the anilox roller, but also for the light roller on the plastic Coating Machine  of the pre-scraping.

(2) comma scraper

Such scraper often used strength, hardness is better made of round steel knife edge. Scraper when the scraper does not rotate. The strength of this scraper, high hardness, edge straightness error is small, you can use pneumatic and fine adjustment mechanism to adjust and control the scraper position, the amount of Coating Machine  control and scraping high precision, the use is also very convenient. Because of its scraping gum is very uniform, so apply to the optical roller on the plastic Coating Machine  of precision scraping.

(3) scraping sticks

This type of scraper is often used to improve the hardness of a good round bar. Scraping requires a round bar to turn. Sometimes the bar can also be scraped directly on the substrate. The total beating error of the bar is very small and is used for the pre-scraping of the plastic Coating Machine  on the light roller. When the glue viscosity is large, it can also be directly scraped with a scraping rod on the substrate, as the Coating Machine  mechanism of precision scraping. Can also be used for thicker Coating Machine  of disposable scraping gum.

(4) wire scraper

This type of scraper in the high-precision cold drawn round steel around the stainless steel wire from refining. If the wire scraper in the scraping by the micro-DC motor to drive the rotation is better. The scraper is usually applied directly to the substrate. But in general only for the light roller on the plastic coated pre-scraping gum. There is also a need for a precision scraper of a comma scraper.

(5) air scraper

Air scraper mechanism through the uniform discharge of gas (pressure) flow on the glue roller, play the purpose of scraping gum. The gas (pressure) flow is required to be evenly distributed over the entire width of the light roller. This scraper is used for scrubbing better. This scraper blade scraper accuracy is also high, currently widely used in white paper coated scraping