JC-EPE-FM1750 High Output High Efficiency Professional Single-faced EPE Foam Laminating Machine for Insulation

Product Details

JC-1750 Film lamination machine

Laminating machine is also called hot rolling machine,mainly used for rolling EPE foam sheet/Film with aluminum-coating film by heat. It has lots of advantages, such as products looking nice, high efficiency,automatic adjusting, timing and correction,easy operation etc. JC-series EPE foam laminating machine mainly uses heat transfer oil as heat-transfer medium, it transport the EPE sheet and film in the same direction, the products widely used in the bag-making, floor, decorative materials, heating insulation etc.

1.Specification of major

applicable material: PE sheet

Thin film or Aluminum foil or Non woven fabric

production capacity: 4800-6000m/hr

working width: around 1650mm

line speed: 40-60m/min

electrical supply power: three phrases

2. Pre utilities

electrical power capacity: 16kw(approx)

used compressed air: 5-7kg/cm

3.Detail specification of machine

film units: frame: channel construction welded

size of emboss-heating R/L: ¢274×1750L,embossing roll spec:2.5*2.5mm

material of emboss-heating roller: STPG constructed

emboss-roller pressing power: 10kg/cm2

heating method: by circulation with hot-oil

temperature of R/L: 130-250℃

tank-heater power: 2kw×6sets

size of rubber R/L: ¢274×1750L

hardness of R/L: HS—A70°

cooling method of R/L: by water cooling

winding method: by driving torque limiter

driving type: by chain

control units: for temperature control

type: logic system

for motor control: VS motor for driving R/C

4. Spare parts list

wrench: 1set

hexagonal socket: 1set

heating tube: 2 pieces

indicator light: 1set

protector tube: 2 sets

heat conducting oil: 2kg


All spare parts keep warranty for one year.

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