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Screw extrusion systems using two kinds of day-to-day maintenance and periodic maintenance for maintenance

Jan 06, 2017

1. daily maintenance is regular routine does not account for equipment operating hours, usually completed during the drive. Focused on cleaning the machine, lubricate all moving parts and tighten loose screw, check, adjust the motor, control instruments, all working parts and pipes, and so on.

2. periodic maintenance downtime after the extruder for continuous operation 2500-5000h, disintegration of the machines need inspection, measurement, identification of main parts for wear, replace the wear limits prescribed parts, repair damaged parts.

3. open drive is not allowed, so as not to screw and barrel-rolled hair.

4. the extruder operation if abnormal sound, should immediately stop, inspect or repair.

5. guard against metal or other debris falling into the hopper, so as not to damage the screw and barrel. Iron to prevent debris into the barrel, can be installed at the material into the feed barrel magnetic parts or magnetic frame to prevent debris falling into the need to sift the material in advance.

6. takes note of clean production environment, do not allow junk impurities mixed material blocking filter, affecting product yield, quality and resistance to increase head.

7. when extruding machine needs a long time to stop when used in the screw and barrel, die working surface coated with antirust grease. Small screw should be suspended in the air or on a dedicated box, with a wood mat, in order to avoid deformation of screw or hurt.

8. correction of temperature control instrument on a regular basis, check the correctness of its regulation and control sensitivity.