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Protection system

Jan 06, 2017

Protection system includes movement, heat, pressure and other protections.

(1) product set a security door micro switch mounted only after the safety gate is closed, the device can start running.

(2) when the seal when you head down to the appropriate location, touch switch, four-cylinder and lock cylinders, also touches four stroke switch connection Booster system booster.

(3) heat protection overtemperature, under temperature alarm is set.

(4) water table itself with limiting function, it can adjust the limit pointer on the dial determines the pressure limiting values. If cannot rise to a set value within the specified time limit or at any time when the pressure exceeds the set limit, alert alarm.

(5) if the pressure, the outside world suddenly loses power, the machine all of the electronic control valve will reset to off status to make the cylinder not according to the preset program, poses the danger of damaged parts. To this end, the machine has a power valve, ensure the sealed head when a sudden power loss does not arise. The safe processing, such as the raised seal, on the right side of the machine there is a manual valve, turn it, sealing head can be raised. Normal working hours, the valve is placed in a closed state.

(6) pressure set by the instrument of protection monitoring overpressure alarm. Pressure exceeds the alarm pressure value pressure control system of automatic pressure relief. Pressure control system is installed in explosion-proof, explosion-proof pressure value if the system pressure exceeds the rupture disc, rupture disc may rupture the system pressure drops.