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Pressure systems

Jan 06, 2017

Pressure system controlled by a pressure transmitters, pressure meter, pump, manual valves, pneumatic valve, and so on. Its main functions are: pressure transmitter detects sealing pressure within the container, the pressure value into 4~20 Ma standard signal sent to the pressure control signal input end of the instrument.

Pressure control instrument is the core pressure system control, it accepts pressure pressure signals from the transmitter, according to size control pressure signal output received.

Pressure control instrument output signal control of a booster component, System booster inside pressurized component to an airtight container.

Pressurized components are more complex and critical part is composed by a solenoid valve and a booster pump. Booster pump by constantly pumping water into the airtight containers make rising water pressure inside the container until the set pressure is reached.

When the pressure reaches the set value pump stopped working after system into the close and constant-pressure condition, and start timing. Constant pressure system can automatically compensate for the pressure drop in the process, make pressure constant in more precise scope.

When constant pressure time after the pressure relief pressure control instruments issued signals, control of pneumatic valve pressure relief, in a closed container of water to leak out, the pressure in the container then declined.