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PE granulating machine mainly 4 types of materials as the main raw material

Jan 06, 2017

1, PE--PE

PE gives a feeling of soft, milky white translucent when no coloring, cereus; touch the products feel creamy, soft and ductile; slightly elongated.

White transparent, transparency, low density polyethylene is soft, good diaphaneity; high density polyethylene hard. Polyethylene tape and the printed word often, because it comes with adhesive tape and the printed word is inevitable, but must control its content, which can affect prices in the market.

2, PP--polypropylene

Polypropylene product is white transparent transparency compared with LDPE high noise when rubbing.

White translucent when no coloring, cereus; lighter than polyethylene. Transparency is better than polyethylene, polyethylene than rigid.

3, PVC--polyvinyl chloride

Grey yellowish translucent, shiny. Transparency is better than polyethylene, polystyrene Ene, worse than polystyrene, with different chemicals, divided into hard and soft PVC, soft products soft and ductile, feels sticky, hard products hardness higher than low density polyethylene, and less than polypropylene, albinism occurs at the inflection.

4, PS--PS

Transparent when not in color. Products floor or knock, metallic ringing sound, good gloss and transparency similar to glass, brittle fracture, finger nail on the part surface scratched. Modified polystyrene as opaque.