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Loading and unloading systems

Jan 06, 2017

Loading and unloading system consists of a sealing head, contains racks, storage tanks, cylinders, solenoid valves and other components. Its main functions are: to pneumatic-hydraulic device is the transformation impetus, will host the seal head of products increases and decreases. Seal the head's movement controlled by a manual valve. System smooth and vertical lifting and sealing head closure with sealing containers and seal.

Heating system

Heating system consists of a measuring element, controller, heater components. Its function is for water heating and climate control within the container, and capacitance of heat conduction through the water to the pressure on Pakistan to make it uniform throughout. Bar heated soft to compression, and avoiding the pressure cracks.

Outer surface of the heating element is wrapped in an airtight container stainless steel electric heating plate, power heating plate heating, thermal conduction give containers of water heating. In practice to ensure that water temperature can meet the technological requirements, usually heated before feeding, and with a temperature detecting devices measure the temperature directly. Container is at work in the closed state, high and low water temperature can only be measured by an intelligent digital display temperature control instrument and control. Temperature measuring elements do not directly measure the temperature of the liquid within the container, but to take indirect measurements, and therefore requested that the elements of selection and installation have to strive to minimize measurement error and control on the lag.