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Like sand fine sand recovery mechanisms are indispensable in the field of friends

Jan 06, 2017

In Zhejiang Shaoxing in the Xin quarry River Pebble of business sand process in the, after PE jaw type broken machine, and PSGB cone broken machine, and PL business sand machine, and wash sand machine, series broken process Hou, 0.16MM of sand loss compared serious, caused has precipitation pool to across days on cleanup once, not only increased has production cost, also will led to finished mechanism sand in the stone powder content partial low, and fine degrees module partial rough, greatly reduced has mechanism sand of products quality.

In order to solve the above problem, crusher in Zhengzhou zhongyi mining machine based on years of experience, combined with the Germany advanced technology, research and development to produce a washing tank, mortar, pumps, motors, cyclone, vibrating screen, feedback box for a new generation of HX of sand recovery. The device effectively solve the drawbacks of wet sand, the recovery of lost sand improves the output of machine-made sand, also improve the quality of the sand, sand and become indispensable in the field of "friends." A little HX sand collector, brings the role is to be reckoned with.