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Laminating machine use

Jan 06, 2017

1. the reasonable selection of laminating machines in when choosing a laminating machine, the first factor to consider is the laminating machine area. To select a compatibility area, taking cover, appearance and so on. One machine as possible. Select after the suppliers under the direction of installation and commissioning, normal production use.

2. the laminator to work when the self-test is complete, laminating machines can work.

3. operating procedures: vacuum pump Open button------------check the process parameter check whether the temperature reaches the set value------check the working status is automatically or manually, to automatically set the status check vacuum pump oil------------------------cover into laminated component checks the vacuum out------------unit. In the process of ensuring that all normal circumstances, laminating machine in normal working conditions.

4. laminating machine downtime: laminating machine downtime requirements, turn off all power. To ensure that non-operator misuse, emergency button into the scope of the shutdown. Operation procedures are as follows: vacuum pump locked------cover (cover not close)------heat off------power shut------------total shut gates or the emergency button: press the emergency button------off the total gate.

5. the laminator parked after a period of use: laminating machines parked after a period of time, to start as normal, do not put the battery plates, empty runs two loops, the exclusion of machine of adsorption of water vapor clean inaccessible to normal use.