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Laminating machine process and principles

Jan 06, 2017

With a good ceramic dielectric pastes according to technological requirements, in the steel belt casting machine, by casting drying after stripping, dielectric materials (ceramic dielectric film) then use precision laminated screen printing technology, repeatedly within the laminated printed on a ceramic dielectric thin film electrodes, each layer after the pressure platens and printing, elements bar.

In order to make the block structure of dense, Pakistan within a block in a plastic bag, sealed after vacuuming and placed in a container of hot water, keep the container sealed under pressure over 30Mpa, components in the water even after compression of loose structure in itself become uniform and compact, ensuring the consistency of component sharing performance, effectively improve the quality of the product.

Regardless of your laminating machine used in operations, the principle is the same. That is in multilayered exert some pressure on the surface of the material, these substances are tightly pressed together. What is different is different according to the purpose of laminating, pressing conditions vary. Requirement.