JC-EPE-XB2000 Evenly-cut Electric Counting Automatic On-line Electric Trimming Machine for EPE Foam Sheet/film

Product Details

JC-EPE-XB2000 Electric Trimming Machine

JC series electric trimming machine is mainly used for EPE sheet/board online trimming. Using electronic counter automaticall

Model: JC-EPE-XB2000 

FOB Price: USD4500/SET

1. Use 

JC-2000 electric trimming machine is used in the deep processing of EPE, it mainly is used for trimming and slicing work of large pieces of PE sheet (pearl cotton,sponge, sheet etc.). 

2. Main technical parameter

-Max process dimension (L*W*H): 2000mm*600mm*110mm 

-Slice thickness: 20~80mm 

-Rated Voltage: 220V 

-Electric power: 370W


-Rated Frequency: 50Hz 

-Rated revolutions: 2800r/min 

-Insulation level: E 

-Installation dimension: 2500*2300*1600 

-Weight: 100Kg 

-Phase Number: single phase - Length of Blade:167mm

3. Structure 

The machine is made of frame rack, guide rail bracket, worktable,trimming-head and height adjustment device and so on.

4. Spare parts 

a. Special spanner for clamped blade: 1 pcs 

b. Flat screwdriver:1 pcs 

c. Blade: 1 pcs 

5. Warranty 

All spare parts keeps warranty for one year.

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