JC-EPE-ZHR1500 High Quality High Efficiency Professional EPE Foam Hot-air Heating Bonding Machine for Air-heater Type

 JC-EPE-1350-3500 Air-heating Self-adhesive Bonding Machine (Electric Heating) Operation manual Please read this operation manual carefully before operating this unit. We hereby declare that our company will not take any responsibility for any damage and accident caused by wrong operation....

Product Details

JC-EPE-1350-3500 Air-heating

Self-adhesive Bonding    

Machine (Electric Heating)

Operation manual

Please read this operation manual carefully before operating this unit. We hereby declare that our company will not take any responsibility for any damage and accident caused by wrong operation. 

Thanks for choosing JC series products of Air-heating Self-adhesive Bonding Machine (Electric Heating) 

This new type thickening machine is different from the normal ones, it uses air-heater. It is a patent of our company. This machine has following advantages: 1. Effectively short time into 3-4 days, no need wait for one week  to let the butane gas out; 2. No need prepare a oven house, shorten space; 3. More safety.  

Air-heating Self-adhesive Bonding Machine (Electric Heating) is the main machine for thickening EPE foam sheet. It has following advantages: short stock period for combining base materials(such as EPE foam sheet) (It can bond the EPE foam sheets only after they are produced and stocked for three days); strong bonding stickiness, low loss, high security with no open fire, high productivity, fixed size, fixed time, adjustable thickness and easy operation. It is the new update for the former EPE thickening machine. 

The high voltage, rotating parts and high temperature of this machine can bring damage to human body. Please pay attention and avoid any unnecessary body damage or accidental property loss during operation.

General Overview

JC-EPE1350-3500 Air-heating Self-adhesive Bonding Machine (Electric Heating) produces heat by air heater, then conducts heat by air, and so combine the EPE foam sheets transported in the same direction. Thickened EPE foam sheet are widely applied to construction, packing, shoe making, bag and suitcases, life-saving equipment, cushion and electric appliance etc.

Technical Feature

JC-EPE1350-3500 Air-heating Self-adhesive Bonding Machine (Electric Heating) is composed of six parts: winding off, heating, combining, traction, trimming and winding. The main motor for combining by heating is 2.2-4kw three phase asynchronous motor with related inverter, with wide range of traction speed regulation and with worm reduction gear which can make sure the speed control is stable and reliable. Heating Cabinet use double seamless steel pipe as hot air

circulation (or in oblate tuyere’s structure), which can evenly and smoothly distribute the hot wind and so that the heating cabinet is not easily distorted within a long time. Heating cabinet regulates height by pneumatic and screw device. Rotating screw nut on the screw stem can adjust the work height of heating cabinet, easily and safely. Bonding thickness can be done easily by moving the hand wheel on roller spacing device. Air supply system uses high pressure vortex fan. Winding motor adopts torque motor which is good for a smooth and steady winding. Bonded sheets are trimmed by special cutting device.

The maximum width is 1450mm (which is for 1500mm roller)

The maximum thickness is 80mm (the limitation is 100mm)

The combing speed is 15~45m/min

Voltage is three phase 380V

General Power is 38KW

The parameter of air-heating machine is 3~400V,16KW/pcs, 1~10 heating shifts,the maximum temperature is 650°

Installation Space

Environment Demand

1. The working area is well ventilated.

2. There’s no explosion and corrosion gas.

3. The altitude should be lower than 1000m.

4. The working area should be equipped with enough fire extinguisher apparatus.

5. The working space must meet the installation requirements.


1:Turn on the power switch and check if the equipment are with mechanical problem and electric circuit insulation is good.

2:Rotate screw nuts of the screw stem beside the heating cabinet, regulate the height which heating cabinet needs, start the pneumatic device of heating cabinet, check if heating cabinet’s height meets the demand, move the hand wheel on the roller spacing adjustment and turn the two roller to maximum position.

3:Set heating temperature: on the rotary switch of air-heating machine, rotate the rotary knob to the seventh or eighth tap position(the temperature is around 450°). The temperature-controlled meter tests(shows) the temperature from the heating cabinet exit only, but not control the temperature on the air-heating machine.

4:After the power on, start the vortex high pressure blower. Wait until the blower function well,and there’s no wind leakage at the connection part of wind pipe, and there’s no sundries blocking the wind pipe entrance. Then start the power of air-heating machine and heat up the heating cabinet. Start the traction successively and make two roller rotate.

5:When heating cabinet’s temperature meets the requirement(temperature-controlled meter shows 350~370°or more), rotate handwheel and adjust the distance of two roller to the thickness of combining needs.

6:Put in the foam sheets according to technical diagram and turn on pneumatic device of heating cabinet, then the EPE foam sheets begin to combine. Start the winding motor at the same time.

7:Regulate the traction speed according to combing quality(stickiness) so as to get the best quality.

8:Exit the heating cabinet before turning off, turn off the traction motor at the same time, loose the roller and cut off the power of air-heating machine. When the temperature of heating cabinet is lower than 50°(ten minutes later),turn off the vortex high pressure blower and control power.


1:After continuous use for 10~15 days, take down air-heating machine and take off the fan cover and clean up the dust and dirt etc.

2:The maintenance staff must hold special post operation certificate(electrician) which is nationally recognized.  

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