JC-EPE-FQ2200 Auto Slitting and Cutting Machine for EPE Foam Sheet/film for Vertical and Horizontal Cutting

Product Details

JC-EPE-FQ2200 Auto slitting and cutting Machine for EPE foam sheet/film


JC-2200 EPE trimming, slicing and cross cutting Machine are mainly used to cut the whole EPE roll , EPE roll sheet or EPE board in horizontal way into small pieces. This machine specially suit for vertical and horizontal cutting of foam plastic such as EPE foam sheet, Sponge sheet etc. It adopt PLC control, so the length error is very small.

Product introduction The machine is mainly used for slitting and cutting EPE roll materials with different sizes at the same time. The operation is simple and high productivity with precise size. The features as follows: 1. PLC control system, electric auto feeding, slitting and cutting at the same time with multi blades and different size. 2. Electric adjustment for roller height. Cutting speed can be adjusted. 3. The blade rotation stability with high precision. 4. Cutting size adjustment is simple, easy for all kinds of products making.

Main Technical Data (Standard Type)

Total Power:4KW      

The min. cutting thickness: 10-100 MM

The min. cutting width: 2000MM  

Traction Roller spec. 2200*130MM*4

Traction Speed  0-120 r/m                        

Vertical movable blades (can install with 12 blades)   3-6 pcs

blade dia.  350MM

Horizontal movable blade (gas control)  1pcs (can install with 2 pcs)         

Blade length  200-250MM      

working speed   7.6 M /(minute)                         

Drive Motor Power 1PCS  2.2 KW                         

Rotate speed  1400 r/m                            

Dimension  3000*2400*1100      

Weight  800KG                                               

Structure and Usage

This machine is mainly made up of machine stand, Sheet holding stand pressing plate, traction roller, electrical slicing stand pole, electrical blades, electrical trimming, working table, belt driving structure, belt tension device etc.

The machine stand is made out of channel steel by electrical welding. There’re active electric slicing blades, pole, fixed support pole, running roller, passing roller, 3~6 sets of passive blade wheels on the stand. There’re two long holes on the each side of the fixed support blade pole, which can adjust the blade angles. Each protect cover has been installed on the machine stand and can be open flexibly.

The support pole is made up of slide way of φ35mm or more and four diagonal bracings and installed on the machine stand. There’re two buffering device braced by two legs on each side of slide way. The working table is made up of four right angles steel frame and splint, connected by hinges in the middle. The connecting pin can be loosened when switching the blades. There’re gear racks on the each side of right-half working table. The cutting specification can be adjusted by moving the fixation plate by hand wheel, drive axle and gear. The reciprocating motion of working table is moved by operator’s push.

Each rotary and movable parts should be lubricated regularly according to the actual usage condition.

Installation instruction of Cutting machine:

一、(Installation instruction)

1、 The machine stand should be lift in place and the necessary operation space should be saved in the surrounding.

2、The machine stand should be paralleled with the ground and vertical to floor stand.

3、Connect the support base in the slide way and brace the slide way to keep it paralleled over the ground.

4、Put on the work table and make sure it can move flexibly and freely on the slide way.

5、Fasten the horizontal and vertical electrical blades in the blades cover and then put them on the driving wheel slide way. Tight up the tension screw properly to avoid blades sliding. Well connect the working table plate.  

6、Check if the blades can work harmoniously with the working table. If not, adjust the eccentric gear under the working table.

7、There are blades devices on and under the working table plate. Adjust the distance well and keep the blades from large deviation and make them working stably.

8、Adjust the rectangularity of damper, keep it paralleled with blades in good gap evenness and then fasten the locking screw.

9、Install power switch box on the side of working table so as to facilitate the operation.

10、Move the blades in several circles by hand to check if the rotation functions normally or not.

11、Connect the power source and pay attention to the rotary direction to see if it is correct. (It can rotate to the front or to the back by PLC control)

二、Usage instruction

1、This machine can be operated by two people at the same time, one at the left and the other at the right. They stand at the two sides and hold the material harmoniously and then working table can cut the required board materials

2、 Calibrating the size by adjusting the blades location and distance

3、Please make sure to pay attention to the safety and avoid injuries caused by wrong operation.

4、Pay more attention to the machine signs in the daily work and make a good daily maintenance. Keep the machine neat and clean anytime.

5、Make sure the safety production and forbid irrelevant persons operation the machine casually in case of damaging the machine.

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